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News & Publications


The Cabinet Reduced Citizenship Processing Fees

The Cabinet of the Rainbow Republic has decided to reduce the citizenship processing fee by 60 per cent to just $20. This step is expected to attract more potential applicants and increase the number of citizens. 
Previously the citizenship processing fee amounted to $50.
Any person aged 18 or older sharing democratic and LGBTQ+ values specified in the Constitution is welcome to join the Rainbow Republic. Rainbownians enjoy a constitutionally guaranteed zero tax rate and can keep their current citizenships. Alternative self-identification, participation in governing the Rainbow Republic, new business and marriage opportunities are among citizenship benefits. 
A citizenship application can be submitted here.


The Rainbow Republic Established Diplomatic Relations with the Kingdom of Volletnia

The Cabinet of the Rainbow Republic is glad to announce that on 20 November, 2022 the Rainbow Republic has signed the Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Republic of Volletnia. The Treaty has been successfully ratified by both nations.
The Republic of Volletnia is a constitutional monarchy established in 1978 and surrounded by the U.S. territory. More details about the Kingdom are available on their official website.
The Rainbow Republic considers establishing the diplomatic relations as the first important step in enhancing mutual cooperation with the Kingdom of Volletnia.
Previously the Rainbow Republic has established diplomatic relations with the Vladastock Confederation. 


MicroWiki has published an article about the Rainbow Republic

Microwiki, the largest online encyclopedia about micronations, has published an article about the Rainbow Republic. It includes basic information about our micronation's historical events, political system, economy, culture & media, etc. 
The Cabinet considers it as an important step towards wider recognition of the Rainbow Republic and expects more details and updates to be added.
The article is available here.  


The Rainbow Republic Established Diplomatic Relations with the Vladastock Confederation

On 24 October, 2022 Dimitri Shikhov, Cabinet Secretary of the Rainbow Republic, and William Michael Alexander, Premier of the Vladastock Confederation, signed Mutual Recognition and Friendship Treaty.
The Treaty was unanimously ratified by the Rainbow Assembly the same day. Ratification by the Vladastock Confederation is expected shortly.
The Treaty marks the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two micronations as well as confirms their commitments to democratic values and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Vladastock Confederation became the first micronation to establish diplomatic relations with the Rainbow Republic. 
We encourage you to visit the official website of the Vladastock Confederation to find out more about our friends' activities.


The Rainbow Republic Welcomes Same-Sex Marriage Legalization in Cuba

The Cabinet of the Rainbow Republic welcomes the same-sex marriage legalization in the Republic of Cuba. We consider it as an important step towards strengthening human rights and democratic values in Cuba. We are sure this progressive decision will encourage other nations to further promote rights of the LGBTQ+ community around the world.


The Cabinet to Start Accepting Citizenship & Marriage Applications

The Cabinet of the Rainbow Republic informs that starting from 1 September, 2022 citizenship and marriage applications are accepted. 
According to the Constitution and Citizenship Act, any person aged 18 or older sharing the principles of the Rainbow Republic is eligible for citizenship application. New citizens will be provided with electronic citizenship certificates and ID cards. The citizenship application can be submitted here.
Marriage can be concluded betwen any persons aged 18 or older upon their mutual consent regardless of their citizenship, gender and sexual identity. The Rainbow Republic sets no limits on how many spouses can enter into marriage. Thus, marriages with three and more spouses are possible. The marriage application can be submitted here


Rainbow Republic Constitution Adopted

On 16 August, 2022 the founding citizens declared the independence of the Rainbow Republic and adopted its Constitution.
The Constitution defines the Rainbow Republic as a democratic Internet-based country uniting LGBTQ+ people and their supporters. Human rights and freedoms are its supreme value.
The Constitution proclaims personal freedoms, the right to self determination and expression, the right to privacy and information, economic freedoms and adherence to sustainable environment. It outlines the legal system, citizenship and marriage procedures, voting and referendums as well as structure of the Public Administration.
Just 16 articles on 5 pages make it the shortest Constitution in the world. And one of the most liberal ones! In addition to a wide range of personal, political and economic freedoms, the Constitution establishes unique marriage procedures setting no restrictions on gender identity and number of spouses. 
The full text of the Constitution is available here.


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