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Why to Register a Marriage?

  • Have your partnership officially recognized. You can register the marriage in the Rainbow Republic even if your country doesn't recognize same-sex marriages. 
  • Enjoy the world's most liberal marriage legislation. In the Rainbow Republic you can register as a marriage a partnership of two, three and even more persons. 
  • Take advantage of transparent property regulations. You can sign a marriage agreement to set spouses' rights and obligations. Otherwise, the spouses will have equal rights for all assets acquired during the marriage except gifts and inheritance. As simple as that. 
Marriage advantages
  • Enjoy hassle free marriage & divorce procedures
  • Get married even if you don't have Rainbownian citizenship (higher processing fees are applicable)
Who is eligible?
  • Any person aged 18 or older; 
  • Consent of each spouse is required.

Registration Procedure

Submit an online application from each future spouse
Pay the marriage registration fee: $25 for each spouse for Rainbownians; $50 for each spouse for other nationalities
Get your marriage registration certificate by email within five calendar days
For more details please see the Marriage & Divorce Act (2022)


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