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Is the Rainbow Republic actually a state? 

The Rainbow Republic has all state attributes - sovereignty, population, public administration, legal system - except territory which is not that important in the digital age.

Is it going to get any territory?

The Rainbow Republic has no territorial claims to any other nation. Although, it may purchase or acquire an unclaimed territory (terra nullius) in future. 

Is the Rainbow Republic only for LGBTQ+ people? 

The Rainbow Republic is open to anyone sharing democratic and LGBTQ+ values. You don't have to necessarily belong to LGBTQ+ community to join the Rainbow Republic.

Is the existence of the Rainbow Republic legal? 

The Rainbow Republic has no physical presence on other nations' territories and, therefore, is not subject to their national legislation. It has no territorial claims to other nations and complies with international law. 
However, citizens of the Rainbow Republic are not exempt from the jurisdiction of the state of their physical presence.  

Are there any taxes? 

The Constitution of the Rainbow Republic guarantees a zero tax rate. Donations and processing fees (state duties) are the main budget income sources.


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