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Why to Become a Citizen?

  • Get an alternative self-identification. If you are dissatisfied with your current country, strive for a truly free & democratic community and share LGBTQ+ values, the Rainbow Republic is the right choice. There are many people who'd rather identify themselves as Rainbownians rather than Americans, British or Germans.
  • Shape your ideal country. Once you become a citizen, you'll be able to participate in ruling the Rainbow Republic. Take part in the General Elections and referendums. Stand for public jobs in the Rainbow Assembly, the Cabinet or the Supreme Court. 
  • Explore new opportunities. Register your marriage, start a new business, get a job or enjoy social events in the like-minded community. 
Citizenship advantages
  • Benefit from a zero tax rate 
  • Keep your current citizenship
  • Enjoy quick and hassle-free application procedure
Who is eligible?
  • Any person aged 18 or older; 
  • An applicant should share democratic and LGBTQ+ values set in the Constitution of the Rainbow Republic.

Application Procedure

Submit an online application
Get an application approval and pay the $20 processing fee
Get your citizenship certificate and ID card by email within five calendar days.
Order a physical ID card (to be introduced soon)
For more details please see the Citizenship Act (2022)


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