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Why to Register a Business?

  • Enjoy a zero tax rate. Business registration in the Rainbow Republic won't increase your tax burden. Zero tax rate is guaranteed by the Constitution¬†
  • Get a comfortable jurisdiction. Easy registration procedure, business friendly legislation and absence of bureaucracy is a perfect choice for any company. Moreover, it's absolutely natural for an online business to be registered in the Internet-based state.¬†
  • Attract new clients. You will get new clients and partnerships in LGBTQ+ community as well as increase your brand awareness. We are aimed at creating a network of companies registered in the Rainbow Republic.
Business advantages
  • Zero tax rate & operation costs
  • Register the business even if you don't have Rainbownian citizenship (higher processing fees are applicable)¬†
Who is eligible?
  • Any person aged 18 or older;
  • No illegal business activities (child pornography, arms and drug trafficking, etc.) are allowed.

Registration Procedure

Submit an online application
Provide ID for company owner & CEO and pay the business registration fee: $50 for Rainbownians; $100 for other nationalities
Have your company included in the Business Register and get the business registration certificate by email within five calendar days
For more details please see the Business Act (2022) 


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