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About the Rainbow Republic


The Rainbow Republic was founded in August 2022 by a group of enthusiasts as a truly free and democratic digital state promoting interests of LGBTQ+ community beyond physical borders. 
16 August, 2022: The Constitution of the Rainbow Republic was adopted. The First Rainbow Assembly was formed.

Political System

Government type - Parliamentary Republic. The Public Administration consists of the Rainbow Assembly, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court.
Legislative power belongs to the Rainbow Assembly elected in a General Election for four years. The Assembly consists of no more than twelve Members. The Speaker of the Assembly acts as the Head of State.  
Executive power belongs to the Cabinet headed by the Secretary of State who is elected by the Assembly. The Secretary of State appoints Cabinet Secretaries.
Judicial power belongs to the Supreme Court consisting of three Judges elected by the Assembly.  
See Government & Law section for more details.


English is the only official language of the Rainbow Republic  

Legal System

The legal system of the Rainbow Republic consists of the Constitution, Acts of the Rainbow Assembly, ratified international treaties, Resolutions of the Cabinet, Rulings of the Supreme Court and customary law.
See Government & Law section for Constitution and other legal acts.

Economy & Taxation

The Constitution of the Rainbow Republic guarantees liberal market economy with zero income tax rate and freedom of entrepreneurship. 
Official currency - Rainbow Coin. Other crypto and fiat currencies are recognized and accepted. 
The economic system is in the process of formation. Online businesses are welcome to register.

Population & Society

Everyone aged 18 or older sharing democratic and LGBTQ+ is eligible for citizenship. Citizens are called Rainbownians.  
With the population growth, more culture, arts and education events are expected.
Check News & Publications section as well as our official communities in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for the latest news. New independent media are welcome.

Foreign Relations

The Rainbow Republic has no claims to and disputes with other nations. The foreign policy is aimed at mutual recognition and beneficial cooperation with all democratic nations. 
On 24 October, 2022 the Rainbow Republic established diplomatic relations with the Vladastock Confederation.
On 20 November, 2022 the Rainbow Republic established diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Volletnia.


(c) 2022 The Rainbow Republic